Remembering Derek Shepard, MD, AKA, McDreamy

When a patient flat lines on an OR Table, it’s a depressing thing for those trying to save him and pain for the patient’s family. It was quite another when Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, was sent to the morgue on Grey’s Anatomy. Millions of people mourned his passing after he was killed on the ABC drama.


CALL THE MIDWIFE calls to my heart

CALL THE MIDWIFE calls to my heart and is one of my all time favorite shows and books. Maybe it’s because the story takes place during an era of renewal after a war that affected people world-wide. Maybe it’s because Jennifer Worth’s memoir of East End London in the 1950s is a warm and endearing story about an RN. Maybe it’s the highs and lows of midwife life in the Docklands of the East End in London. There were three books about Jennifer Worth’s experiences as a midwife. They are humorous, sad, and thought provoking and you won’t forget them.