GIRLThis book had an exciting premise and interesting structure told from three different points of view. However, the beginning was awkward and a bit uninteresting and if I hadn’t been encouraged to continue reading I would have abandoned it after the first chapter.
Rachel’s life is a mess. She is divorced from Tom, whom she dearly loved. He now lives with Anna in the house that once was Rachel’s. She has finally succumbed to alcohol and lies about the loss of her job. Riding the train to an imaginary job every day she watches the world go by peering into the gardens of houses near the track. Each train ride is a brief foray into her former life.
The train stops each day at the same place and she sees an anonymous couple she names Jess and Jason in their garden and she thinks they have the life of her dreams. She watches and views the continuing story she concocts until Jess (really Megan) goes missing. However, Rachel’s memory of the night Megan goes missing is one big blackout and we don’t know if she really saw anything but it throws her into a web of murder, deception, and despair. Rachel at times is so disturbed she doesn’t know if she is remembering things or fantasizing and this puts her in more danger.
The book with intersecting timelines is narrated by three women Rachel, Megan, and Anna much like a journal with a million twists. The timeline goes back and forth from Rachel in the present to Megan in the past slowly moving to the day Megan goes missing. All of the women are unreliable narrators and hide something from the reader.
What I liked: It’s a little complicated with lots of twists. The characters were complicated and when you thought you figured them out, another twist was introduced. Did I like the characters? No. They weren’t likeable or empathetic, but were indeed well-crafted.
What I didn’t like: The first chapter was awkward and I almost gave up, but I’m glad I didn’t.
Would I recommend? Yes. It’s well worth buying and will keep you turning pages until the end.

This book may be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book stores.



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