Two TV Shows I’m Not Watching Again

Normally, I don’t watch reality TV, but I watched two shows for the first time this year.  They are actually in their second seasons and I fail to see how they got renewed. But I guess everyone likes to watch a train wreck.These programs stood out as shows with characters that I just couldn’t connect with. There are many others but these two just did it for me.


courtesy the AETV channel

Married at First Sight. This one also deserves an OMG And a what the??? Like, seriously? I thought the whole dating-thing was the FUN part in a relationship. My husband and I dated almost a year and believe me it’s a time of learning about each other. Even in arranged marriages the two know their future partner’s name. This is sort of a matchmaker experiment where the couples answer a 6 hour questionnaire and a psychologist, sexologist, and sociologist determine through the questionnaires, algorithms, and interviews who would be best together. No one knows how the other partner looks or their name until the wedding ceremony. Now  these subjects are being followed for a year if they agree to stay married after a month. This is just another reality show. For more information go to:



courtesy The Bravo Channel


Courtesy The BRAVO Channel








Southern Charm gives Charleston, S.C. a bad name with some of the old family names gone bad. Fifty three year old, Tom Ravenel who has made 36 mil in 10 years with a history of drug abuse, jail time, and failed political history had an affair and unprotected sex with a 21 yr. old with a wild child history. She had supposedly had sex with three other men on the program. Of course, she gets pregnant and T-Rav doesn’t marry her. First smart thing he has ever done. The baby is adorable and is now walking. The rest of the cast are half T-Rav’s age except for the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith who sits up in a gigantic mansion sipping Martinis and hiring butlers. The wealthy young cast seems to be part of a party scene where they have no purpose in life except going from party to party, drinking and partying. It’s like they don’t have a moral compass.  Bottom Line, it’s a  bad reality show soap opera. Too bad it’s in Charleston, S.C.cropped-616767_3496952471871_1539455554_o.jpg For more information on this show go to

Do you watch Reality TV?


6 thoughts on “Two TV Shows I’m Not Watching Again

  1. Ruby, you and I are in total agreement. What does it say about our society that we want to tune in to watch people fail, make a mess of their lives, or fight like animals. Reality TV is cheap to produce. I think it’s a sign of the times that creators aren’t trying to come out with anything original or though provoking or good entertainment. Not all reality TV is bad, but the programs that are give the whole programming a bad name..

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  2. Oh my goodness! You are so right. These shows are awful, but not nearly as bad as that sleazy show Keeping Up With The Kardashions. They have gotten rich off of that show. Another one that was disgusting was the show Honey Boo Boo. Almost child abuse.


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