The Wife Maker: A Book Review and $25 Blog Tour Giveaway

he Wife Maker is the third and last book in a trilogy. If you haven’t read The Husband Maker and The Matchmaker (books one and two), read these books first. All 3 books are good.There were twists and turns I didn’t expect. It was just a very good series, though I waited until the publication of The Wife Maker to read all three because of cliff hangers which I hate.

A Quick Trip To The River Walk in San Antonio

San Antonio is a southwestern city in Texas. If you’ve watched the TV program THE BRIDGE you know it’s a city with some of the same problems many border cities have- drug smuggling and illegal aliens. But it’s also one of the most visited for vacations in Texas. If you look at some of the pictures of the River Walk they may remind you of a city on another continent. The difference, of course, is that there’s just one river and the hotels and businesses are newer. But one can dream for a view minutes and imagine being in a gondola.

Indie Rambles # 13 – Making Sense of Amazon Keywords and Categories

Originally posted on Jo-Ann Carson: Becoming a successful indie writer/publisher/entrepreneur depends on visibility. And everyone knows it. With laptops in hand, we scurry in frantic circles looking for a magic mixture of strategies that will set our stories apart from millions of others. Harsh truths echo in our ears. What worked for one author,…

You Can’t Tell A Book By Its Cover..Well Maybe

Have you ever bought a book because it had a great cover? In today’s market, you can pretty much tell what the book is about when the cover has a women with a beautiful ball gown, a gun on the cover with a bulls eye, a cowboy with no shirt, a rear view of a woman in a thong and two men, a picture of a woman or man with a church in the background.

Is Political Correctness Intellectual Terrorism?

Has the US lost its moral compass? Are we so mired down in tolerating any behavior, any thing that once was considered bad for society?

Have we replaced our core values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, leadership and respect for political correctness? Are we so afraid of expressing what we actually believe because we’re afraid we will be ostracized or called a name.