This book had an exciting premise and interesting structure told from three different points of view. However, the beginning was awkward and a bit uninteresting and if I hadn’t been encouraged to continue reading I would have abandoned it after the first chapter. Rachel’s life is a mess. She is divorced from Tom, whom she…

CALL THE MIDWIFE calls to my heart

CALL THE MIDWIFE calls to my heart and is one of my all time favorite shows and books. Maybe it’s because the story takes place during an era of renewal after a war that affected people world-wide. Maybe it’s because Jennifer Worth’s memoir of East End London in the 1950s is a warm and endearing story about an RN. Maybe it’s the highs and lows of midwife life in the Docklands of the East End in London. There were three books about Jennifer Worth’s experiences as a midwife. They are humorous, sad, and thought provoking and you won’t forget them.

The Wife Maker: A Book Review and $25 Blog Tour Giveaway

he Wife Maker is the third and last book in a trilogy. If you haven’t read The Husband Maker and The Matchmaker (books one and two), read these books first. All 3 books are good.There were twists and turns I didn’t expect. It was just a very good series, though I waited until the publication of The Wife Maker to read all three because of cliff hangers which I hate.

You Can’t Tell A Book By Its Cover..Well Maybe

Have you ever bought a book because it had a great cover? In today’s market, you can pretty much tell what the book is about when the cover has a women with a beautiful ball gown, a gun on the cover with a bulls eye, a cowboy with no shirt, a rear view of a woman in a thong and two men, a picture of a woman or man with a church in the background.

Stocking Stuffers: Christmas Themed Romances

It’s 23 days until Christmas Day and there are a lot of romances out there with Christmas and the holidays as the theme. Below are some that I have read in the past weeks and reviewed. Please remember these are only my opinions and there are many reviewers with different views. What books do you like to read during the holidays?

Is An Image Worth A Thousand Words?

Our guest this week is Sue Viders talking about book covers. I had the opportunity of taking one of Sue’s classes a few years ago and I am so glad she could find time to share some of her knowledge here. Readers thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to comment at the end of the post. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.