Three Places in Texas to Visit in Spring

Texas is a large state and has many areas to visit. It’s a great place to go for quick getaways as well as for vacations of any length. There are three areas I like to visit in the spring where flowers almost define the area of the state you’re in. I live in Keller, Texas about 16 miles north of Fort Worth. This park is two blocks from my home. It’s always quiet in early morning though I might see someone fishing in the creek that meanders through the park. Ducks, geese, blue herons, and other birds are everywhere and the city provides duck houses for them to protect their eggs, though it’s not unusual to see duck or goose eggs under some of the big clumps of ornamental grass.cfiles17376 677Bluebirds have returned and are busy nesting in the houses I provided for them.keller 048keller 0431185175_10152264693394573_1968515877_n


In North Texas,the daffodils have bloomed now and they are being replaced with bearded Iris, roses and azaleas.spring iris 001first rose of the year 279Canada 2011 029In East Texas, Tyler has beautiful azaleas in spring. Though they grow here, it’s much harder because of the alkaline soil unlike cities close to Louisiana.


Probably one of the most beautiful sights in Texas are the blue bonnets and dates where they are appearing  are posted as the “blue bonnet watch.” They start appearing in south Texas in March and move north week by week. This photo is of blue bonnets in Ennis, Texas.635644594111664978-11115756-10205741608193475-3058913528983122097-oAnd finally in Texas, there’s always the coast.

305766_442807202478590_1224593701_nWhat do you like about spring where you live? Finally if you like this post, let me know by liking my post, tweeting it, or liking me on Facebook.


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