A Walking Tour-Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, Texas

There’s a beautiful little garden in the city of Weatherford, Texas and it’s just 30 minutes west of Fort Worth.SAM_0765

Recently, my daughter and I re-visited Chandor Gardens for a walking tour. The garden began as an artist’s dream nearly 70 years ago. Douglas Chandor, an Englishman, came to the US in 1926 and became known as one of the great artists of the 20th century. Today his portraits of President Herbert Hoover, President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill are among five of his paintings exhibited in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

In 1934 Douglas Chandor and Ina Kuteman married and settled in her hometown of Weatherford Texas. In 1936, the couple began their home and surrounding gardens which they named White Shadows. The  garden evolved from a cactus covered hillside into a series of garden rooms featuring English and Chinese Motifs. The garden flourished until his death in 1953. As a tribute to her husband Ina opened the garden to the public and changed the name to Chandor Gardens. The city of Weatherford acquired the garden in 2002.

The entrance to the garden is guarded by cast iron rams.





The lawn area  bordered by an Italian Pergola is the scene for wedding receptions.












An astrolabe fountain is in the center of the hub of four SAM_0869walkways.






Chandor Home was built in 1939 primarily as Chandor’s studio.SAM_0861SAM_0854


The bridge is a common place for bride and groom pictures.SAM_0860





To the left of the bridge is a home for Koi fish.







Gargoyles guard the gardens.






The Bowling green is an influence of Douglas Chandor’s English roots.SAM_0833







At the end of the Bowling green is also a site for garden weddings. The boxwood garden is near the Bowling Green. A lovely bronze nude stands at the base of a fountain.

At the end of the Bowling green is the Pixie Pond which stands in front of the Gazebo.

The gazebos is surrounded by blooming magnolias.SAM_0851

Going back to the Chinese Bridge the walkway has the symbols of luck, peace, prosperity, and happiness. The bridge spans a canal filled with fish.SAM_0856








Mount Cox is a mini-mountain with a  cascading waterfall.  Hundreds of tons of large boulders were brought from neighboring ranches.SAM_0824









The Trellis Pond has stepping-stones. The rock formations were designed to look like a turtle, a camel and a sea-horse. They keep watch over a stone and mortar Chinese junk that never sails.SAM_0806

















The Labyrinth is one of the modern features of Chandor gardens and encircles the Stone of The Immortals. Crushed granite was used in the paths for the quality of sound when walked upon.SAM_0794







Across the road from the Labyrinth is the path to the Chinese Moongate.SAM_0789







Chi-Ling Fountain is an enchanting fountain constructed using Chi-Ling statues found in New York City, Coke, and 7-Up bottles, colored marbles, and his own handmade ceramic tiles.











Opposite the fountain is the Buddha Niche which features a happy Buddha statue tucked within the ivy colored stone.

The garden is very shady and is an oasis from the heat of Texas. It was a lovely garden and a great afternoon getaway.


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