5 Things To Do On The Islands Around Charleston, S.C.

I grew up in S.C. and a good part of my early years was spent in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Recently my daughters and I revisited the area and decided to act like tourists for two weeks at the Isle of Palms, an island a few minutes from Mt. Pleasant. We got a direct flight from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, then rented a car for the drive to the Isle of Palms on the I-526 connector. There is nothing like the smell of the low country from the pungent smell of plough mud and the salty air of the sea, to the sweet smell of spring flowers. It’s simply a great time of year in that part of the country.


Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant

Our first stop was at Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant where there are an array of seafood restaurants right on the creek. We ate at Vickery’s and had Low Country Saute’. Our next stop was across the bridge in Isle of Palms.



There is nothing like the tickle of a sea breeze drifting across your face especially right before a storm. And I could tell one would be coming from the smell in the air.


Isle of Palms, S.C.

The next day we headed to the Charleston Tea Plantation.  Located on Wadmalaw Island, it is the only tea plantation in the US.  William Barclay Hall was the original owner, but sold it to Bigelow Tea several years ago. The previous owners still run the farm and process the tea while Bigelow manages and distributes it. The tea is named America’s Classic Tea.

Our day ended with a meal of boiled shrimp, stone ground grits, and sliced tomatoes and a walk on the beach…More on our trip tomorrow.


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