Indie Rambles # 13 – Making Sense of Amazon Keywords and Categories

With so many books in the market place, commercially published and self published authors look for ways to increase their revenue. Understanding how the biggest on-line retailer uses keywords and categories is explained by Jo-Ann Carson. Don’t forget to leave a question or comment at the end of the post. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Jo-Ann Carson

Becoming a successful indie writer/publisher/entrepreneur depends on visibility.

And everyone knows it.

With laptops in hand, we scurry in frantic circles looking for a magic mixture of strategies that will set our stories apart from millions of others. Harsh truths echo in our ears. What worked for one author, may not for work for another. What worked last month, may not work this month. New software comes and goes. Advertisements bombard us. We need to find our own way through the chaos. Chasing shadows of fads and rumors, we struggle forward, naked in the digital confusion. 

We live in interesting times.

Don’t expect the dust to settle. The digital revolution is just getting starting. Publishing will continue to change.

What I look for are the most concrete pieces of the puzzle.

Three Key Factors to Visibility

  1. how popular your title /cover is
  2. how well your search terms work for…

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One thought on “Indie Rambles # 13 – Making Sense of Amazon Keywords and Categories

  1. Interesting article. Two questions. Can lots of 5 star reviews from friends give an author a great rating even if the book is mediocre? I’ve been told that adding Texas as a keyword will get more hits from google to Amazon. Is this true?


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