I Won’t Assist With Your Suicide

So much as been said about assisted suicide by MD’s since Brittany Maynard’s tragic demise. What I find astounding is the plethora of material on the internet by non-medical personnel who think they can dictate why or how a doctor or nurse can assist in someone’s suicide be it by patient or family request. I won’t assist with your suicide.th

In my opinion physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer. That it would be difficult or impossible to control could pose serious societal risks but it isn’t the entire issue.

Going into the medical profession requires that one take an oath to preserve life, not participate in a death squad. One article (http://www.balancedpolitics.org/assisted_suicide.htm) categorically stated how it would save the family money and free up medical professionals to take care of other patients who needed their care more. Of course it would also save the government money for huge end of life expenses. They further maintain suicide would eliminate the relative’s diminishing inheritance.

What I found unbelievable following these articles  is the number of comments agreeing with the concept of forcing medical  personnel to participate in providing assistance or outright just doing a Jack Kevorkian on the patient. Why do we need to essentially kill someone? We can make a person’s life comfortable as possible until they die.  Patients, in my experience aren’t  abandoned once it is determined that  a cure is impossible.  Hospice care, pastoral support, family counseling, and other modalities are available to patients and families. Insisting a physician participate in assisted suicide of a human being is not the same as euthanizing a dying dog. I am morally outraged . It’s time  to fix the  state of dying in America. No one wants a patient to suffer in agony. Legalizing assisted suicide fixes nothing. The principle that doctors must not kill patients should stand. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I won’t assist in your suicide.


2 thoughts on “I Won’t Assist With Your Suicide

  1. Everyone has an opinion on whether suicide is the moral thing to do. And I’m no different. My concern is this. Suicide has always been a singular process. When you decide you want someone else involved in the actual process of killing yourself you are affecting more than one person. I can understand that a person is desperate if they want to commit suicide, but passing laws to make assisting someone in this process seems wrong.


  2. Thorne: Thanks for your comment. You’re so right. I think a person who commits suicide is desperate and suffering from a feeling of loss of control. This is one thing they can control. What happens is the grief and questions a person’s family feels when the person who commits suicide is gone. In the case of medical assisted suicide involving doctors, it means the person is under a doctor’s care and can’t be healed. But does that mean a doctor should have to provide assistance in this act?


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