I have always liked books set in the outback and in other parts of Australia. Recently I read two books by Australian authors where cowboys played a role one in Australia and one in Montana. One was an authentic setting in Broken Hill, Australia and one was a fictional town called Marietta in Montana, USA. I thought right, an Aussie is going to write a novel about cowboys in Montana. But I was agreeably surprised with the results. Here are my reviews on these two books…

Charming The Outback

By Leesa Bow

BLURB:When jaded city girl Maddy McIntyre packs up and leaves Adelaide for a new job as a teacher in the country, it’s not only a chance at a fresh start. Six months ago Luke, the guy she’d been dating, shattered her heart before moving home to Broken Hill. Deep down inside, Maddy is hoping that living in the same town will give her an opportunity to prove to Luke that she’s one temptation he can’t resist.The Heroine is an immature drama queen whose mother has worked two jobs all her life to support them and put her through college. She graduates and then heads from Adelaide to the Australian country town with a teachers contract where her ex-boyfriend lives.animals_cowboy


He broke up with her because he didn’t think she was mature enough to live on a sheep station.


Merino Sheep

After all she sinks a lot of money into her shoe wardrobe of Lambutins and Jimmy Choo though it’s debatable how she can afford them. But she is intent on rekindling the relationship.
Pros :The story moves along at a good clip and there really aren’t any spots that drag very long. The description of the Outback scenery seems authentic-hot dusty weather, sheep shearing, horses, flies etc. Enjoyed reading about “footy” though I am not familiar with all the names of the rugby teams in Australia.
The heroine’s motivation is clear if misguided. The hero’s reasons for breaking up with the “party girl” were pretty clear even if he is attracted to the heroine..
Cons: Behavior. While the heroine’s behavior seems typical of an immature young adult there seems to be way too much profanity for young women especially teachers, drinking, public drunkenness, repetitive unprotected graphic sex,and meltdowns where little incidents become enormous in the heroine’s mind. The hero at times seems as immature as the heroine and his jealous rages were rather off-putting to the point it was hard to see what they saw in each other. I think some young adults might enjoy this book, but I don’t think an older generation would like it at all.

With thanks to  the author via Netgalley for my review copy.

For more about Leesa Bow go here.



As much as Selah Davis loved her life in Seattle, she got an all-over buzz every time she came home to Old Town Marietta …’


Blurb: On a rare trip home to Marietta, Montana to cover the Copper Mountain Rodeo, journalist Selah Davis confesses to her best friends over drinks that her one regret in life is not sleeping with her high school boyfriend, Levi Monroe. Levi is participating in his last rodeo before opening a horse training business in Marietta and had just walked into the bar. When her friends dare her to proposition him for a one night stand, she’s at first appalled… but the more she thinks about remedying her one regret, the less she can get him and their electric chemistry out of her head. Selah’s always been her parents’ good daughter. Would it hurt  to be a little bit bad just for one night?

My Review: TEASE ME, COWBOY is a “Cowboy Romance” and I really wanted to read it to see how Rachael Johns, an Australian writer, would portray an “American Western Romance.” Well I wasn’t disappointed. The story is set in the small fictional town of Marietta which was created by several authors who have formed ‘Montana Born Books’  and have all written a number of books set in this town. The founder of the group, Jane Porter,  invited Rachael to guest write this novella for them and several of the characters mentioned in TEASE ME, COWBOY have appeared in their own stories.

Bales Ranch Montana

Bales Ranch Montana

TEASE ME, COWBOY is a story of regrets and second chances. Selah and Levi broke up after their high school prom and then both moved away. Now a dare gives them the opportunity to make things right. . She approaches him the next day after accepting a dare from her friends and blurts out that she wants a one-night stand. He says yes, but when they have dinner and he takes her back to her room he leaves after the first kiss. Levi is an unusual cowboy. I don’t think I have ever seen one with red hair. I do believe the characterization is the strong element in this novella.
Levi teases very well when it comes to Selah, “What? So you don’t want to use my body for one sordid night of orgasms?” He’s also jealous when another man tries to land his woman, “I thought you wanted to eff me,” he hissed. Raw lust combined with frustration and jealousy had caused him to repeat the exact words she’d used to proposition him on Friday morning.”
I think Rachael Johns succeeded in providing a good “Cowboy Romance” in this series.

For more about Rachael Johns.
With thanks to Tule Publishing and the author via Netgalley for my review copy.


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