Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Gut Instincts

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From funny signs.com

I recently read the back story of a novel where the main character discovers her husband cheating .
Why didn’t she suspect him? Where was her recognition of the “something’s not quite right here” feeling? The late nights at the office when there had previously been none? The decreasing affection? The texting and the calls from the office?
Why didn’t she have a gut instinct? You know that feeling moving through her that told her to pay attention?
Regardless of whether the topic is marriage, affairs, or trust—too many people like this character ignore their instincts. And it costs them.
The character ignored her instinct because she trusted her husband until she could no longer ignore the signs. She feared it might be true, feared it might break up the relationship, was too scared and didn’t want to rock the boat. Of course, the boat rocked and she had to address the issue.
Pia Mellody, Senior Clinical Advisor for The Meadows and Clinical Consultant for Mellody House and Dakota has a great saying: “Hug your demons or they’re going to bite you in the ass.” This is what happened to the character.
She didn’t listen to her intuition. Pretending her husband wasn’t cheating didn’t make it go away. If anything, pretending gave cheating freedom to grow. Eventually, the problem became too big to ignore or move past. She eventually had to gather the courage to face the issue and it was the best move.
Because she ignored her gut instinct or intuition, she was hurt and had a difficult time learning how to trust . And this is where the story began.7-california-ocean
Of course if the character in the story above had paid attention to her gut instincts there probably wouldn’t have been a story.

Do you pay attention to your gut instincts?


6 thoughts on “Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Gut Instincts

    • Right. Every time I’ve gotten an uneasy sense that something is wrong it usually is. I don’t worry about could have, might have, or should have afterwards. By that time the dye is cast. Thanks for commenting.


    • Listening to it probably helped you avoid a bad situation or led you to be at the right place and time for getting a good job. Your intuition is your inner guide, and you learned to trust it.Thanks for commenting.


  1. I was repeated told by my lover that I was wrong; that I was dellusional.. yet there he is now dating the same women 4 years later; 1 month after her husband passes away,
    Reflecting back I now know my instincts were correct 🙂 Nancy and Tullio, you deserve each other. Shame on you


    • I really believe people who are lying easily make someone who relies on gut more astute which you were. The sad thing are those people who are caught by surprise when a spouse or partner cheats.


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