Strawberry, Goat Cheese, & Thyme Muffins

I really like to try new recipes when I’m on vacation and this muffin recipe is really worth the effort. For more interesting posts go to and see for yourself.


Last week at Central Market, we introduced our new muffin recipe and flavors.  I may be biased, but they are darn good and full of interesting ingredients.

Pear ginger, fig and star anise, banana granola, antioxidant punch (goji, acai, cranberries, and pomegranate), chocolate hazelnut toffee, and strawberry goat cheese to name a few.

We can hardly keep them on the shelves.  Let’s just say I have consumed more than my share of muffins this week and any Houstonians out there should come check them out along with all of our other tasty treats!

I absolutely love savory-sweet combinations, so despite swearing off strawberries after the strawberry dipping fest that was Valentine’s Day (I estimate we dipped close to 13,000 strawberries…by hand), the first muffin I dove into was the strawberry goat cheese variety.

Sweet strawberries (and yes we use real fruit in our products) and musky goat cheese play…

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