A Sure Sign Spring is Here Through Pictures

 Spring is a time of renewal and I love taking pictures during this season. It’s a time when new shoots pop up through the soil. It’s a time of new births, the perfumed scent of flowers and the sound of birds calling to each other as they feed their babies. There’s nothing like the feel of the coolness of grass on the bare foot.  What’s your favorite thing about this time of year? .SAM_0056537318_10200498351535334_1389818182_n1185175_10152264693394573_1968515877_n421296_10200795106474022_1059540296_nspring iris 040009007DSC_23431912035_10152199634564573_1458457882_n759450175-001 cropped-cfiles17376.jpgspring iris 0011235087_556628624374117_749064209_nJUSTIN AND KEVIN 019iStock_000005506299XSmall-201x300keller 048keller 043spring 2014 008spring 2014 006


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