Are Readers Attracted to Beautiful Heroines and Heroes?


While reading recent books, I’ve noticed characters with similar physical traits and character flaws.

Typical  Traits and Plots :
Antisocial sexy former soldier who can’t form an emotional attachment until he meets a female who shows him his bad home life as a child wasn’t his fault.
Former silver star decorated soldier with PTSD and alcoholism who thinks his bad decision caused the death of his buddies.
Hero, the son of single alcoholic mother, spent lots of time with his friend’s family and thought his interest in his friend’s sister would cause him the loss of the family’s friendship.
Divorced father of two with one month custody of his neglected children can’t relate to them because of abuse by his stepfather when he was a child.
Former fat girl, now makeover queen, was bullied in high school and became anorexic.
B&B owner bedded her clients in more ways than one because of feelings of lack of love by her parents.
Female veterinarian  became an alcoholic after husband left her with a baby 14 years before the story started.
Billionaire, son of single mother, shunned by his real father, is out for revenge against the other family because he felt abandoned and unloved.

There are only so many physical traits one can have.  Women are always seen as gorgeous by the male protagonists in novels. Heroines are elegant, with shiny sweet smelling hair and a beautiful complexion.  However,for too often, authors stick in the hero’s fascination with freckles on the heroine’s nose. After the other attributes freckles don’t fit.
Big breasts, shapely figures, “perfect heart-shaped buttocks,” are often seen as more attractive than a good brain. That’s not to say there aren’t novels with smart women, but they aren’t common.
Research has shown women tend to prefer attractive men to, well, bug-ugly ones and are never attracted by girly or geeky men when there are men available with six packs like Daniel Craig and the sparkling blue eyes of Gerard Butler.Gerard-Butler-kilts-356112_326_500

What I didn’t see very often in the novels I read were heroines attracted to dumb heroes or heroes with menial jobs. Neither did  I  see heroes attracted to highly intelligent women and full figures.
What I did see were heroines attracted to well-built, intelligent, successful heroes. Heroes  seemed  more attracted to women who didn’t have high paying jobs or have Mensa level intelligence. They liked rescuing heroines.72002933Caroline's book









 Good looks can help when it comes to attracting women readers.

Why do you think novel covers have shirtless men?Out of the ShadowsCatherineSpangler_TouchedByLight3_25002630055MI

What traits in the hero and heroine seem to stick out to you in the books you read?



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