January is A First in Buying, Watching, Cooking, Reading

There are a lot of people wearing scarfs this year, even here in Texas. It’s just cold.  An article on scarves posted by
Amanda Nelson From Book Riot covers this topic well.
9 Literary Scarves To Keep You Warm(er) 

harry potter infinity scarf from storiarts

You guys, I’m so cold. I’m four-layers-of-shirts, under-a-Snuggie, using-the-dog-as-a-foot-warmer cold because it’s January and I don’t, unfortunately, live in Key West. So I’ve spent the last [insert ridiculously long period of time] looking up coffee-themed sweatshirts and bookish scarves, and you get to reap the benefits of my frigid week:Hunger Games! (first picture is what it looks like) For other items go to http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?q=literary%20scarf&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US&ref=auto2&explicit_scope=1


True Detective


Matthew McConaughey recently won a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) for his performance in the film Dallas Buyers Club. At almost exactly the same time, the first episode of brand new show True Detective – which stars McConaughey alongside Woody Harrelson – was finishing up on HBO.
On the strength of the episodes of True Detective that I’ve seen, I think he will win another award for his performance.
Novelist Nic Pizzolatto envisioned True Detective as an “anthology series”, with a new story and cast of characters each season. The first season of True Detective follows detectives Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Harrelson) as they relate the story of a serial killer investigation they did in 1995, through a set of interviews with a pair of detectives looking into the reappearance of the killer in 2012.
If there is a criticism, it would be the over-familiarity of some of the horror elements. I’ve watched quite a few of these types of twist-ridden, dark and disturbing crime shows, in the past year. Broadchurch, Hannibal, The Bridge, The Killing, Top Of The Lake, and The Following are just a few.

The show does veer into some of the tropes: creepy musical cues, pseudo-religious imagery and even the odd use of antlers (a familiar sight on Hannibal) marking the killer as a particularly disturbed individual. But the case is the least interesting thing about the show. It all comes back to the characters of Cohle and Hart and the performance of two great actors.



Sick Day Chicken Soup:

5-6 cloves of garlic (pressed)

1 cup fresh mushrooms (sliced)

2 Tb. Butter

1 heaping tsp. paprika

5 cups chicken broth

¼ cup vermicelli broken into pieces or bowtie pasta

Salt to taste

1 large can of chicken white meat or chopped cooked chicken

Heat to boiling and simmer 10-15 minutes.

 This is really good when you have a cold or flu.


Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War

This is an interesting behind the scenes look at the White House, the Obama administration and what it’s like to serve the country in several key positions. Well worth the read.

What did you do in January?


3 thoughts on “January is A First in Buying, Watching, Cooking, Reading

  1. I love True Detective but Matthew McConaughey looks terrible in this series. I know he’s suppose to look bad but please I can hardly look at him.
    Going to try the sick day soup. Looks heavy on the garlic, but if you’re contagious who cares!


  2. I think he’s doing a wonderful job on the show. I don’t think he’s going to be a ‘bronze god’ forever so I’m grateful that he can still act! His character is completely believeable.


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