Making Some Holiday Traditions

I developed the love of books when I was a child. I learned to read at a very young age and I loved it. My older sister could read and I didn’t want her to know something I didn’t. We didn’t have a TV in the early 50’s and books became the entertainment for my sisters and me. In fact, we loved the book mobile which served the rural area where we lived. Reading books was our way of getting to see the world even if it was through the stories we read. We didn’t have many traditions in my family except for reading Christmas stories opening presents on Christmas morning and eating a big meal prepared by my mother.

We read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens every year and The Night Before Christmas. We loved them.
Once I married we established our own traditions like church services on Christmas Eve. Now my grandchildren always read The Night Before Christmas and watch The Christmas Carol on television. Then we adults watch Pride and Prejudice. It’s not a Christmas story but a tradition for the holidays with my two daughters. These days we hall those CD’s from Texas to N.C and back again.

We spend a lot of time traveling during the holiday season, but there’s one song that really resonates with me. It’s called Driving Home For Christmas. The songwriter, Chris Rea, said that he had given up on music and had decided to go open an Italian restaurant after the holidays. He wrote this song on his way home for Christmas. The rest is history. I do hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Do you have a tradition that you and your family observe every year? Do you have a favorite song?


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