Who Makes the Best Burger in DFW?

I haven’t eatrubypjohnson.wordpress.comen a hamburger in over a year, so when my daughter suggested lunch at the Rodeo Goat while in Fort Worth, I was eager to try the restaurant which won the award for best burger in DFW(Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex).

According to dfw.com, Shannon Wynne, his son Sam, and Keith Schlabs opened Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth last November, at the height of the holiday season. The team strung multicolored lights across the restaurant and made it look like a holding pen at a rodeo. Then they placed a saddled, bucking goat over the bar. They didn’t have to wait long for those who take burgers seriously to show up and sample their cuisine

On our visit, we got there early for lunch so we didn’t have to fight for a seat. Before we left, there were customers waiting in line to get in. My daughter who has been there for dinner says there are droves of customers waiting in line and others who nurse their beers at communal tables while waiting on their burger orders.
We started with chips and queso which was really one of the best quesos I’ve tasted.


Caca Oaxaca burger

One of the most popular choices, the Caca Oaxaca, is stacked to the brim with chorizo, a couple of slices of fresh avocado, pico de gallo, a fried egg, queso fresco, and a tangy Tabasco-mayo sauce.

However, once I found the egg was over light in the Caca Oaxaca, I chose the Irish Whiskey Cheddar burger. It also contained bourbon-candied bacon, blackberry compote, and whole grain mustard. The blackberry compote gave it a unique taste coupled with the whole grain mustard. The patties are grass-fed beef ground in-house daily and the buns are really firm. I can attest that the buns do not fall apart or turn mushy even though the beef patty is really moist and juicy. The huge burgers come wrapped in heavy paper to prevent juices from running out when you take a bite.
Sides included fries and salads such as The Haystack which contained baby romaine, roasted corn, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, avocado, black olives, queso fresco, tortilla croutons with ranchero dressing.
Desserts were chocolate pie and pecan fried pie.
We didn’t order sides or dessert.
So if you’re a burger lover or just like to indulge occasionally, this is the best place to go when you’re in Fort Worth. Former President Bill Clinton would have loved this place.

Do you have a favorite food or restaurant? What keeps you going back?

For more information on The Rodeo Goat go to  www.rodeogoat.com and https://www.facebook.com/RodeoGoat


3 thoughts on “Who Makes the Best Burger in DFW?

  1. I liked the Whiskey burger! The compote really added something different to it. The place isn’t fancy (at all) with it’s cinder block walls but who cares? The burgers are good. I think Ft Worth has a lot of great places for burgers.


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