DeLaine Roberts Takes On Doctors in Contemporary Romance

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 About DeLaine Roberts
DeLaine has spent the last decade as a medical sales representative for medical devices, which gives her the ability to provide authenticity to her novels.  She had the opportunity to blend the intensity of the medical world with the fascination of romantic twists while writing in the genre of contemporary romance. As a mom to four grown guys and gals, she says she watched enough relationship drama to supply a soap opera for an eternity! She and her husband reside in Dallas with their two Schnauzers, Bridgette and Allie.

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 So DeLaine, tell us about your books.

I currently have my first two books of the Running Series available: Running To You and Two Sides of a Heartbeat. I have been touched by the welcome these books have received. Both have been on the Amazon best sellers list in category and Running To You made it into the top 100.

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Amazon                                             Amazon

For excerpts go to www.

What is your preparation for writing?

A story will pop into my brain out of the blue and often when I’m driving or late at night. I try to jot down the jest of the story and build from there. I’ve been inspired by music more than anything.

Do you develop characters first?

Yes, characters first. Names can be so difficult. Then I try to create the drama into it. Life is full of drama, why shouldn’t our stories be? Although, I can get carried away, so I have to whip my pen into shape on occasion.

How did you go from initial idea to a full blown novel?

I try to take my characters through a journey with wonderful side characters along the way. When I wrote Running To You, I knew what my plans were for two of the books. I had no idea that there would be such a craving for the Hero’s twin brother, Harrison. So now, Harrison is getting his own book. Some of the story was inspired by real-life events with a fictional twist.

What is your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing would have to be dialogue. I think it is easier to craft what someone would say versus description of surroundings or events. That’s so subjective. For me, describing the senses is the most difficult part.

What is your pet peeve in reading?

Pet peeve of reading is a difficult one. I wouldn’t say that I have one really. I’m not a huge fan of bouncing back and forth in time, but I recently read a novel where it was done very well and not disruptive to the story.

What do you see as the future in publishing?

I believe that indie publishing is truly a wave of the future. Indi puts the control to the author. I am now indie publishing and grateful to have control of my work. There is great advice available and there are tools available as well. There is no replacement for great editorial work. I use the team at Author Options. They’re fantastic at their craft with an exceptional business model and serious pedigree.

I also currently have my own covers professionally shot by a local photographer with my own cover models. I’m grateful that David Quisenberry has been able to capture exactly what I’m looking for.

What are your plans for future books?

My Confessions:  Currently, I am finishing up Harrison’s story for book 3 of The Running Series. His story, titled “My Confessions” is slated to be out in December.

In between time, I have a standalone novel coming out in October.

Chasing Air:  “Chasing Air” is about a beautiful emergency room physician, Dr. Makenzie Holder. Makenzie is hiding out from a painful past and reinvents herself with a new location and a new name, leaving her family behind to ensure their safety from the mob. Detective Ryler Buchanan comes into her life and unknowingly puts both of them in harm’s way. Makenzie has to make a choice between safety and security or following her heart with Ryler.

It’s a touching story that has a twist coming at the end, but no cliffhanger!

What’s your favorite social media platform?

My favorite would have to be Facebook. I think it is because I understand how to use it more than the others. I do love Pinterest and when I get on that site, I’m there hours before I realize it.

DeLaine, thank you so much for talking with us today. I wish you much success on your books.

Readers contact DeLaine at:

twitter: @delaineroberts

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12 thoughts on “DeLaine Roberts Takes On Doctors in Contemporary Romance

  1. DeLaine:
    Love your approach to writing. However, I can’t see how you accomplish so much in your busy life. Any tips? Nice covers.


  2. Girl, I know you go about ninety miles an hour to accomplish what you do. You make my head spin. You’ve done great so far and I look forward to seeing your career develop. Your writing will get you as far as you want to go!


    • Oh, stop it Carra!
      Yes, I’m ADD, can you tell? Actually, I’m tied to the hip with electronics at work, so I make them work for me as best as I can. I’m wanting to start learning cover design, but ONE thing at a time!

      I can’t wait to get Chasing Air out in October. With a new set of characters, it helps freshen my brain a bit.

      Thanks for taking time to comment!


  3. “There is no replacement for great editorial work.”

    I’m glad to hear (see?) you say that because I see so many editorial errors in today’s novels. What has changed? Do you think it’s an increase in indie publishing or something else?


    • Anne,
      To be completely transparent, “Editorial work” is totally subjective. An author can spend a great deal of money hiring someone they BELIEVE to be a professional, only to find out they are a glorified spell checker. Trust me, I know from experience. When I started, I made a huge mistake.

      The best advice I can give anyone out there asking about editing… Please do your homework. Just because someone has a business front, has referrals, does not make them an editor.

      There should be an Angie’s List or something, LOL.

      As far as editorial errors, I just read a well known author’s latest release by a NY publisher and there was a missing word! GASP. Look, it happens. Less with good eyes and several sets of them.

      Another instance, I read earlier this year a serial by a well-known romance author, another NY publisher, and there was a plot error… wrong name was mentioned. GASP again, but it happens. So no, I don’t think it’s just indie.

      I had errors pointed out to me on both of my books. As hard as we all tried, it still happened. I think once someone looks at a book the first time, they can no longer be subjective on content errors, that’s the make-up of the human brain.

      Thanks for stopping by. Great questions.
      All the best,


  4. DeLaine, congratulations on the success of your first two books. I wish you the best of luck in the future. You are so kind to others and willing to share your knowledge. That’s important to me and proves you are a kind person as well.


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