A Review Of The Real McCaw: The Autobiography by Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw, Ne26398w Zealand’s All Blacks rugby captain was described by Heyneke Meyer, the coach of South Africa, one of the All Black’s greatest rivals, as “probably the best player who ever played rugby” In most pictures McCaw’s gaze is cheerful but the cover of his autobiography shows the intensity and the hardness he brings to the game and his words become suddenly unequivocal as he insists on one more win.
In The Real McCaw, The Autobiography, the first chapter tells of his foundation and the beginning of Richie McCaw’s determination to be a great all black. Goal setting and visualization became a major part of his life. He figured out the preparation he needed to succeed and followed through. “I don’t want that horrible feeling of not performing well and then looking back on it, and going over it, the next six months. I know what I need to do. A loss would just not work.”
His preparation, even today, includes a Warwick 2B4 pencil and notebook in which he writes down instructions to himself. They begin with the words “Start again” and end with the letters G.A.B. a reminder to McCaw that, ever since he was a boy, he aspired to be a Great All Black.
McCaw a 115 Test cap was in charge of a side that hadn’t been beaten for 15 months. In that time McCaw also ended the losses of one World Cup after another for New Zealand when, in October 2011, he captained the All Blacks to victory. The fact that he played the last three matches with broken bones in his foot provided Paul Ackford (Sunday Telegraph) with the back cover blurb “Better on one leg during the World Cup than most players on two.”
The chapters leading up to, and including, the World Cup gave an inside look at a brutal contact sport and the mind of the rugby captain leading the All Blacks. Subsequent chapters touch on his love of gliding, flying in general, the love for his family and the heartache after the earthquake in Christchurch, his home. If you’re looking for glimpses of his love life you won’t get it in this book. This is not a tell all book on the people he knows or the women he’s dated. It is a book about a humble man at the top of his sport who has achieved all of his goals. Also, it’s about a man who believes in following rules. He is a G.A.B 24-7.

The Real McCaw: The Autobiography by Richie McCaw (Aurum Press)


5 thoughts on “A Review Of The Real McCaw: The Autobiography by Richie McCaw

  1. There’s not a Mom or Dad out there who wouldn’t like a son like this. He epitomizes what most people would consider a hero. He’s kind, works hard, and lives a clean life.
    Great review.


  2. I agree with Thorne. Although I’m not a rugby fan, I do admire Richie McCaw’s work ethic. He obviously gives his all to the sport he loves.

    Interesting post, Ruby!


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