Investigating Things That Go Bump In The Night

Investigating Things That Go Bump In The Night

Very few of us can say that we haven’t experienced something in the dark of night that scared us or made us uncomfortable. Recently, I attended a lecture given by two men who researched their own experiences and decided to help others who experienced paranormal phenomena.


Kevin wears a visible cross around his neck and Justin, his partner in Fort Worth Paranormal, speaks of his past study for the ministry.  These are men that are vocal about their strong faith in God….but also about their belief in the unexplainable, in spirits that have lingered here, good or evil.

Justin said his first paranormal experience occurred when he was twelve years old. He described himself as being in a half-conscious state where he couldn’t breathe and he could feel what he thought was a dark entity pushing down on his chest. He had a choking feeling as his terror escalated. Then he heard his grandmother’s voice saying, “Call on Jesus.”JUSTIN AND KEVIN 016

When he uttered “Jesus,” a light entered the room and dissolved the dark figure.

Why do these men investigate unusual and unexplained phenomena? Both Justin and Kevin said experiences they couldn’t explain led to research on the topic and the discovery that others had similar experiences. These experiences have led them to investigate houses where possible paranormal activity has occurred. Investigations are free and service  based.JUSTIN AND KEVIN 017

“Who are we to think we are the only ones here,” Kevin asks. “As long as there is a need, we want to help.”

The process for investigation begins with:

  • an in-depth interview of those requesting help in order to get an idea of the experiences and the client’s mental and emotional status.
  • Clients allow them complete access to their homes and/or business for three to four hours. Trust is a big factor.
  • During that time they use recordings(video cameras, photos, audio) electromagnetic field detectors, parascope sensors, thermometers and other equipment to determine any changes in electromagnetic energy.


  • Kevin and Justin don’t claim to be experts and they say there are no experts in this field. They validate what they can and use notes, interviews, data collection and other evidence to prove/disprove spirits existence. They put the clients in contact with experienced people who can resolve the situation if warranted.JUSTIN AND KEVIN 011

What you may encounter if you decide to visit a haunted house:

  • A change in temperature if a spirit is there-a room may become very cold.
  • Two types of spirits 1)Good spirits were human but have remained on this level. Spirits are believed to have the same personality as they did when alive. They may inhabit residences because they have unfinished business there. 2)Evil spirits and demons-An evil spirit could be something trying to hurt you. A demon is considered its own entity or a fallen angel. The chances of encountering one is very slim on a ghost hunt.

Local Houses to Ghost Hunt:

If you have even the slightest interest in ghosts, chances are that you know of a haunted house somewhere near you. In Texas, there are several recommended that are not too far from the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

The Bone Yards

2921 E. Division St.

Arlington, Texas 76011

This is a very popular venue

Hill House Manor  event_21754892

Gainesville, Texas

Owner says no renter has ever stayed long.

Tours between 9pm-6am

Catfish Plantationrestaurant_2007



For more information contact Fort Worth Paranormal at

                              Now a question for you……Have you had any paranormal experiences?


16 thoughts on “Investigating Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. I don’t know if I’ve even seen a ghost, but I will not go into cemeteries at night .Ever. I got a very odd feeling when I did as a teenager.


  2. When I was in college, I often would hear footsteps on the back metal steps at the sorority house and see a shape move past the door but when I looked, no one was there. Last year, one of my sorority sisters told me the same thing.


  3. There are several “haunted” houses in Charleston, S.C that I,ve visited. I don’t know if I saw a ghost, but I kept seeing something in my peripheral vision. When I turned to look there was nothing there. Another instance occurred after my husband died. I would wake at night thinking he’d called me.This went on for several days.


  4. I’ve never seen, heard or felt a ghostly presence, but I do believe they exist. My paranormal experiences involve prophetic dreams when I was younger, some very scary. We shouldn’t dismiss such things as impossible. There are more things in heaven and earth, as the saying goes.

    Thanks for the interesting post, Ruby!


  5. Good post, Ruby. I enjoyed meeting Kevin and Justin at our chapter meeting. Their presentation intrigued me to say the least. I’ve never experienced any paranormal activity, but I believe and support those who have.


  6. Cara:
    Thanks for commenting. I gathered from the lecture that we all aren’t sensitive to spirits. I would hate to see ghosts. It would certainly make me nervous.


  7. I’m sure you would be able to translate that experience into your writing. Two of my favorite movies are GHOST with Demi Moore and THE EXORCIST. Different ends of the spectrum. I was up at 2AM reading THE EXORCIST and I became so frightened that when ice dropped into the icemaker in the refrigerator I almost screamed. The writer had created scene after scene of suspenseful horror and I was totally lost in the story. Even today, I don’t look at gargoyles the same way.


    • Gail:
      You just did with your experience. Just put in the five senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting in your point of view. Most writers I know use shorter sentences to up the tension and the pace of the story. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


  8. Ruby, I’d forgotten about this untill now but lots and lots of years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I woke up in the night and a little girl was standing by my bed. I wasnt afraid , I was trying to believe she was real but I could see through her. I rubbed my eyes and kept looking at her and she kept looking at me. Eventually I fell back asleep. I have always thought it was a dream but she was so real, except for the fact that I could see thro her. Many years later I was speaking with my granddaughter when I had a feeling of De Ja Vooo I had goosbumps and I realized it had been my granddaughter standing by my bed. She was about eight or nine years old and I had seen her standing by my bed at least twenty years earlier. It was , for lack of a better word, really spooky. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.
    One other time I woke to see two doves sitting at the foot of my bed and when they flew away they took a thin piece of material with them. It was a real pretty sight tho I have no idea of the signifigance. I’ve told my family about this but their only response has been “Humm”


    • Gail:
      This is truly an amazing experience. I think I would have been frightened if I’d had this happen. Great to put into a story though. Your children’s response is typical of non-believers. They probably think it was wierd.


  9. I really wish I could discover how to develop a scene that would hold the reader spell bound that way. I’ve read books that I couldnt put down. I dont understand exactly why or what they are saying that is so enthralling. I guess if I knew that I could write a really good book. lol


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