Who’s Dying Next on Downton Abbey?

Matthew Crawley is dead! Why? Why? Why? Will Downton Abbey ever be the same?


When I visited the Highlands last July, Journey to the Highlands was filming there. The newspapers were full of Hugh Bonneville sightings. The episode was filmed at Inveraray Castle in Inveraray, Scotland.

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

At the time I didn’t know that Matthew was making his last appearance on the show. In a recent interview, Dan Stevens, the charming Cambridge educated actor, said he had only contracted for three seasons and he was just too busy with writing, theatre, filming, judging for the Booker Prize, and becoming a new father. In addition, he is starring on Broadway this month.

But it seems that Julian Fellowes could have chosen a more humane way to let him leave the show. It is just so final to say MATTHEW IS DEAD.

But we just knew something was going to happen. He and Lady Mary were so happy and she had just had a baby.  It seems that any time someone gets pregnant, something devastating and/or catastrophic happens to them.

In a well known Australian soap opera, McLeods Daughters, characters were killed in car accidents over and over again. In most mysteries, writers say when the pace gets too slow, kill someone.  In Downton Abbey after William the footman died, then pregnancy became the major plot point. to kill or maim someone. For instance:

  •  Lady Sybil suffers a horrifying death from eclampsia.
  •  Lady Grantham has a slip on a bar of soap  in the bathtub and suffers a miscarriage.
  •  Matthew is in an accident and tumbles to his death down an embankment in a convertible roadster.

Who would you have chosen to meet their demise? I vote for Anna and John. Anna is the head housemaid and John is a valet who was unfairly imprisoned.  They are just way too happy. Something has to be done to destroy their new-found happiness. Maybe she’ll get pregnant.

Of course, Mrs. O’Brien the lady’s maid to Lady Grantham is a good choice. She is a devious old bag, who creates havoc in everyone’s life. Then there is Thomas who is just as devious as Mrs. O’Brien. But he is revealed as a gay who gets the living daylights beaten out of him, so he is now painted as a sympathetic character.

Who would you choose for the next character to go?


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