Exploring The Romance of Chocolate and Valentine’s Day



St. Valentine’s Day, named after an actual Christian saint (or, possibly, up to three persons), is no longer celebrated on the Catholic general calendar. The day is now most associated with love and romance. The liturgical color is red just as the valentine cards of today are red. The red cards of today, however, symoblize energy, passion and love. Pink valentines symbolize friendship. The card is used as symbol of the recognition of a lover, friend, or anyone important to you. Those in advertising will tell you that red evokes emotion.

What is it about chocolate that brings out the best in romance, the best in wine and sometimes the best in cravings, especially around Valentine’s Day? If you’re a chocoholic the following will probably be elementary to you. For me this time of year is bittersweet, because I miss the roses, chocolate, and wine my husband use to give me as a sign of his love. He was a big man with an even bigger heart. I didn’t know much about wine, when we first met, but over the years I learned from him.


courtesy of dreamstine
One key to combining wine and chocolate– the lighter the chocolate, the lighter the wine. Then again, every rule has a counter-rule: Champagne and sparkling wine go with anything – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. You just want to make sure with the whiter chocolate, you want a drier, fruitier Champagne.
A dark truffle can go with sparkling wine but also with a nice berry flavored Merlot. And Port with a dark chocolate is the best. It’s pure. You taste nothing else but the chocolate and the tingling on your tongue. The sweet-sour counter-action works great. It’s enough to satisfy the craving that you’ve got.
A Kirsh or raspberry truffle goes well with Cabernet Sauvignon or Port. A Dark Truffle goes well with Merlot. The nuttier truffles go well with a Spanish Sherry.
Take a sip of wine first and roll it around on your tongue. Then take a bit of chocolate and let it go through your mouth slowly melting. Then take another sip of wine. You’ll notice a totally different taste in the wine. Chocolate will bring out the finest qualities of the wine and diminishes any imperfections. Just like two people in love. They complement each other. They’re just made for each other.

After eating a chocolate there is actually a chemical in it that makes you feel the same way you felt when you got your first crush. That’s the same chemical that your body makes. People always say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac or the love candy. There really is some truth in that. Maybe that’s why romance writers love chocolate.



Around Valentine’s day, there are millions of boxes of chocolate to choose from– Hershey’s Kisses to boxes of Truffles. Red roses and chocolate are really a standard. If there are any men reading this, give your wife, significant other, or someone important to you, a card, a rose, a box of chocolates, and/or a bottle of wine. You will be remembered for your romantic gesture. And ladies, send roses to your husband or lover. He will be flattered and pleased that you love him enough to send him something so special. Don’t have the money for roses, a box of chocolates and wine? Then a simple card with the words of your heart can mean so much.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve had happen on Valentine’s day? Leave a comment and let us know. 


4 thoughts on “Exploring The Romance of Chocolate and Valentine’s Day

    • Thanks for your comment. There are so many holidays we celebrate and really never think about their origins and why they became holidays. Florists and candy makers say this is the best day of business they have each year. But who can turn down a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine when someone has gone to such trouble to show their love or friendship.


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