In With The New By Recycling Old Cards

In With The New, Saving The Old

by Ruby Johnson

Have you ever received a Christmas card you loved and didn’t want to discard after Christmas?001

Well there’s a way to keep your cards or share them with others every season. Here’s how: make mini- gift boxes. I’ve been doing it for years and my family loves them. You can use them to put gifts in for stockings, make tree ornaments and use them to decorate wreaths. There are any number of ways to use them.

Steps for making boxes:

  • Select the correct card material. These materials do not work well—thin paper, thick glossy cards, heavy picture type materials. You will learn quickly which work. Thin paper won’t hold together, thick glossy cards won’t bend, and heavy materials bend unevenly.
  • Cut the cards at the bend in the card into two pieces.GFW WRITERS 2013 017
  • Measure from top corners to the diagonal corner of the lower portions of the card and draw a line. When you first learning, this is the most simple. As you get better you can make a mark in the center of the card.
  • Fold the long edges of the card to the center of the card and run your finger on the edge to create a fold. Then fold the short edges to the center.GFW WRITERS 2013 019
  • There should be a crease on the short ends. Cut this short crease until you meet the lengthwise crease.
  • Fold the short ends inside and tape together. Fold the big portion of the end over the two taped ends. Do this on both ends.GFW WRITERS 2013 020
  • GFW WRITERS 2013 018
  • You now have one box top. Do the other one the same way. The box with the greeting goes inside. Put the boxes together for one small box.
GFW WRITERS 2013 016

The final result

  • You can do this for any cards that you want to make small boxes.

If you’ve already discarded your cards, try doing this next year or using some of the cards you never got around to sending this year.

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?


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