Ruby On Tuesday

Start where the trouble starts usually refers to the inciting incident of the story. But for me the trouble started with my characters names. Sometimes when you think your characters have what you consider the perfect names, they aren’t.  I learned that at a meeting with my critique partners. My characters once were named Dorcas MacKenzie and Cagel Bradshaw. My critique partners said their names constituted an emergency name change.pod2jjgps0

One critique partner said my female character sounded like what kids in grammar and high school called dorks-Dorcas, Dork for short. Since Dorcas was going to solve a mystery, I guessed she wouldn’t be respected if that was the general consensus. Recently, I watched“Intervention” and the woman on the program (a shopaholic) called it “dermabrasion of the soul.” That’s sort of what it felt like when I retired Dorcas and Cagel’s names.

Before I changed their names, I decided to…

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