Taking the Train to Stirling Castle

Our tour of castles continued in Stirling, Scotland which is about 45 minutes north of Edinburgh by train.The trains were on time and were very comfortable. The day we traveled to Stirling,  it was raining. There was a bus at the train station that took us right to the castle. With an impregnable position atop a wooded craig the town of Stirling which is  a beautifully preserved old city sits just below the castle. A statue of Robert the Bruce sits outside the castle entrance and a view of the large Wallace monument stands on a point in the distance . This monument honored freedom fighters of Braveheart fame. James VI was the last King of Scots to live at Stirling.

Entrance to queen’s garden

Heading for shelter in the courtyard

The Wallace Monument through the mist


After a quick trip to the small town of Allen situated on a rushing little river  black from peat, We headed back to Edinburg.

The River in Allen

The River in AllenAfter a long day in rainy weather, we did what a lot of Scots do, we headed to a pub. The Elephant room is known as the place where the novel Harry Potter was written.


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