Romance writers love castles and the mystery of the highland warrior in kilts. In fact you can go to any bookstore and see the numbers of book covers with shirtless men in kilts. If you ask a reader why they love these men in kilts they will give you any number of reasons. Many are influenced by the stories they’ve read from romance writers.

The covers show big kilt-wearing sensual men with muscles, wash board abs, chiseled lips, eyes filled with passion and excitement. The stories are about courageous men who are protective and respectful of women, capable in everything they do. Strong in mind and body, they enchant us with their brogues and masculinity. At the same time, they show sensitivity to their wives and children. Each novel has a theme of honor as a Scotsman’s code and when they give their word, they keep it. They are warriors who fight to the death for their land, clans, and country.

In Scotland you’re bound to see men in kilts. They work in tartan stores, on street corners playing bagpipes, as tour guides, in the military tattoo, or in celebratory venues. They also run businesses, dress in tailored suits or in casual attire.

With a great sense of humor they also display a bit of naughtiness.

What do men wear under the kilt apart from kilt hose and kilt shoes?

On a recent trip there, I had a conversation with native Kathy Cameron who said what a Scotsman wears or doesn’t wear underneath the kilt is part of the mystery. Women are always wondering when they see a man in a kilt.

The topic of underwear and kilts has been the subject of many discussions. Kathy says there are situations  where wearing underwear with kilts is required. At the Highland games, for example, participants are asked to wear shorts to cooordinate with the kilt. Highland dancers also wear undergarments with kilts since they engage in high kicks and other moves which could result in exposure.

Kathy said military are only the group that “nothing under the kilt” was once a requirement. She knows that to be true as years ago she watched one of the military men drink a bit too much and stumble over the drums at a party exposing himself to a large group. She said the military probably wear undergarments now due to a comfort factor because wool kilts are scratchy. Historically, that might not have been a problem since the tunics were very long. Pipe bands assisting with regiments are required to use undergarments, because they use a high step march and could easily expose themselves. Today not wearing anything under a kilt is called “going regimental” which has its roots in military history.

An internet search for men in kilts shows literally hundreds of men of all ages wearing kilts. Some intentionally show what’s under their kilts. Kathy says a gentleman Scot knows how to sit to prevent someone looking up their kilt except perhaps guards who must stand in place for long periods of time. She related a story of women lying on the ground at the feet of a guard with their cameras angled to get a picture. And the pour guard couldn’t move!

Outside of Scotland there’s a group whose owner with a scottish heritage is attracting a lot of attention in Canada and northern Washington. Men In Kilts (www. men in are making a living with a window cleaning business and wearing kilts on the job.

If one views the pictures of Scotland native, Gerard Butler, in his kilts is it any wonder women find Scotsmen sexy?

What do you think about men wearing kilts? Are they masculine or not if they live outside of Scotland and wear kilts as a routine? 



  1. Ruby, the correct term for wearing nothing under the kilt is “going regimental,” in reference to the alleged requirement for military regiment kilt wearers to go underwearless. Using the phrase “going commando” has absolutely nothing to do with kilt wearing. Please research before you post.


    • James:
      Thank you so much for your comment. I did do research, but apparently the person who was a native of Scotland gave me the wrong term. I appreciate your pointing this out and have edited the post. I do hope you will come back to my blog in the future.


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