Discovering The Magic Of Edinburgh

Our day began bright and early Thursday morning with a full Scottish
breakfast sausage, eggs, black pudding, beans, bacon (which was much like
ham), mushrooms, a tomato and coffee.


We took a Midlothian bus to Princess Street in city center.

The bus required the exact change. It was more simple and cheaper to buy a day pass for 3.50 p. We got off right in front of the Wallace monument.

From there we took a Edinburgh tour bus around the city and got off at The Royal Mile.

From the base of Edinburgh Castle, The Royal
Mile is all uphill and is filled with tourists. It has everything from Scottish
kilts and bag pipes, ghost tours (after all, Edinburgh is haunted),
postcards, whiskey shops, and everything in between.

The Edinburgh Tour

But that said, The
Royal Mile is also lined with some impressive Gothic/Victorian sights — with
the exception of Scotsman playing bagpipes for audiences.Everywhere we went some sign of the olympics was visible..The Royal Mile-tourists everywhere.Onward to the Castle.

To Be Continued…

3 thoughts on “Discovering The Magic Of Edinburgh

  1. I sure miss Scotland. The full scottish breakfast, the fresh seafood, the beauty, the accents, the cool weather……how much space do I have to leave comments?


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