How Does My Garden Grow?

NorthTexas has more than one growing season and this year I wanted to take advantage of both of them. Mid June through late August it’s a matter of keeping vegetables and plants watered enough to keep them alive. Then in September everything really starts growing again and producing. Vegetables like peppers and beans produce well right up to our frost date, usually the second week in November.


Is An Image Worth A Thousand Words?

Our guest this week is Sue Viders talking about book covers. I had the opportunity of taking one of Sue’s classes a few years ago and I am so glad she could find time to share some of her knowledge here. Readers thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to comment at the end of the post. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Gabriel Sounds His Horn

Blowing My Trumpet Over Grammatical Errors That Jerk Me Out Of A Story

Recently, I’ve read e-books with so many grammatical errors I’m jerked right out of the story. Then I’m on a quest looking for the next mistake. I’m not going to harp on the need for an editor because that’s obvious. What I think I’m reading is an author who writes likes he/she speaks. If a writer’s grammar and syntax are poor when they are speaking, it’s probably going to be the same when they’re writing.