romantic comedy


In Writing the Romantic Comedy, Billy Mernit breaks the romance storyline into “seven basic” pieces, or “beats.” Most of us have heard that we should structure novels like plays or movies: in three acts and in some cases additionally broken down into six stages (Michael Hauge).


A Walking Tour-Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, Texas

There’s a beautiful little garden in the city of Weatherford, Texas and it’s just 30 minutes west of Fort Worth. Recently, my daughter and I re-visited Chandor Gardens for a walking tour. The garden began as an artist’s dream nearly 70 years ago. Douglas Chandor, an Englishman, came to the US in 1926 and became…


Making Friends is Easy, Keeping Them is Hard Work

In today’s digital age you can amass friends on Facebook and Twitter through likes and follows at the click of a button and even in some cases buy a social media following. Friendship seems easy and cheap. But what kind of friendship is it? Just what is a true friend? Zen Master John Tarrant: “If…


Seize Happiness Right Now

I have a whole cabinet full of china that I inherited from my mother-in-law. She inherited it from her mother and kept it for special occasions. Recently, I started going through some of the china and realized I don’t think I ever ate from those dishes once. Which is really a shame. In fact my…